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Worker housing museum

Siren’s cottage and Isonkiven-Järvinen house; relocation buildings from the Koskenmäki Workers’ Area south of Nokianvirta. Featuring the homes of people working in factories in an industrialized locality on both sides of 19th and 20th century art. Located at the corner of Nokian highway and Yrittäjänkatu street.

Hinttala, Nokianvaltatie 5

Local History Museum since the 1950s. One of the ten original houses in the village of Kankaantaka (nowadays district). The first written references to the house / estate are from the mid-16th century. It was used as a lodging house for Pori Regiment (nowadays known as an employment flat or farm) from the 1685s to 1800s. 

The Brander croft, Vikkulankatu 32

Originally the croft of Heikkilä House, later the home of the Brander family. Greta the daughter of the family, stayed in the house and kept a beautiful garden (not just utility plants), sold hop cones to the Pispala brewery and appreciated beautiful handicrafts and pretty homes.

  • Address

    Hinttala Local History Museum
    Nokianvaltatie 5
    37150 Nokia

  • Distance to Tampere

    14.5 km

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