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Tampere offers excellent conditions for AV productions

Filmmakers and travelers describe Tampere as compact, environmentally friendly, uncomplicated, and multidimensional. In Tampere, you can capture historical manors, modern studios, the iconic Pispala views, an attractive entertainment arena, idyllic lakeside scenery, and even the airport, all in an instant. Despite its growth and popularity, Tampere consistently receives praise as a production-friendly city, where professionals have space and tranquility to carry out their projects.

Tampere has a well-established tradition in theater, television, music, and higher education. These traditions have laid the foundation for Tampere’s rapid growth as a hub for audiovisual production. The city hosts dozens of production service companies and a network of hundreds of trained freelance professionals. Additionally, Film Tampere’s network includes a wide range of domestic and international top professionals available for various projects. Check out our studios, locations, and professionals in the area!

IFor a larger photo collection you can also explore the Tampere Photo Bank maintained by Visit Tampere. It offers a wide selection of photographs featuring events, nature, the city center, businesses, and educational institutions in the Tampere region. To access the photo bank, contact Niina Virtanen at niina.virtanen@businesstampere.com. For the region’s location permits, we’re happy to connect you with key personnel in the city and professional location organizers in our area.