Application Process

Checklist for Film Tampere’s production incentive application:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The applicant must be a production company, in international projects a Finnish co-producer or another AV industry company.
  • The project must have 50 % financing secured (LOC’s not sufficient).
  • Must have a professional distributor attached.
  • Incentive operates on a calendar year budget. Spending and reporting must occur within the contract year.

Application Submission:

  • Review Film Tampere’s discretionary conditions. Request the application form from specialist Niina Virtanen at
  • Submit the completed application to Niina Virtanen. Update the application as necessary. Inform Niina of any significant project changes.

Evaluation Process:

  • Film Tampere processes applications and presents them to the incentive committee of Tampere city officials.
  • Applications are evaluated against discretionary conditions. The committee does not assess the artistic content of projects.
  • The committee meets about four times a year, depending on the need. There are no fixed application or meeting dates, but early-year submissions are encouraged.


  • A contract is signed between the applicant company and the city if approved. This process takes a few weeks.
  • Expenses can be incurred immediately after the committee’s decision or as agreed with the Film Tampere team.


  • Submit a production incentive report to Niina Virtanen by the end of the contract year. Earlier reporting is encouraged if possible.
  • If additional incentive support was received, submit a report at the latest by December 15th of the contract year.
  • The incentive is paid to the account specified in the application after the cost breakdown and auditor’s report for Tampere-incurred expenses are submitted and approved. Payment is made within 14 days of report approval.