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Ohjelmajohtaja Fanny Heinonen

Fanny Heinonen

Program Director, Film Tampere

+358 40 6655 051

Fanny Heinonen is the Program Director at Film Tampere, responsible for the development and expansion of Film Tampere, attracting international projects to the region, various representational duties, and working in the Business Tampere leadership team. Additionally, Fanny, who is passionate about developing the industry, ideates and conceptualizes separately funded development projects for Film Tampere.

In her free time, sporty Fanny is most likely to be found either working out or relaxing to ASMR videos.
Film Specialist Niina Virtanen

Niina Virtanen

Film Specialist, Film Tampere

+358 40 5046 082

Niina Virtanen is an expert at Film Tampere, primarily responsible for production incentive issues, incentive applications, and advising productions related to regional activities. Additionally, Niina manages Film Tampere’s communications and event organization, and participates in development projects at Film Tampere.

In her free time, Niina can be found at live music events, doing activities with her husky dog, or working out.