Obscure Entertainment

Obscure Entertainment is a film and television production company from Tampere, Finland. Our productions vary in scale from commercials to feature films and always hold strong storytelling and tone in their core. During our ten year existence, our creative touch has embraced and brought forth elegant, visually stunning, emotional and, if need be, provocative productions which will surely be remembered for a long time. Our productions include No Connection (2017, short film, co-production with Mediaporras, SES/YLE), Neiti Etiketti (2016, children’s television series, YLE), Daddy Loves You (2015, feature documentary, independent) and various independent short film releases in addition to our commercial work which includes dozens of commercial films, corporate films and music videos. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your needs, ideas, thoughts and/or lack of lousy set humor!

Contact name:
Ville Rissanen
+358 40 7306147