Erika Reponen Art

I am a Tampere based visual and UX expert with 26 years or working experience. I create graphics, illustration, animation, art, UI, UX, concepts, etc. on a really wide scale and with real enthusiasm. I have studied graphic design and AV media culture at the University of Lapland and defended my Doctor of Arts thesis in 2020. Thesis topic was about the early days of mobile video from human & society point of view, titled: “Mobile video communication 2005-2010”.

I worked about 18 years in Nokia (as a designer and researcher in a wide variety of projects and teams). After that I worked less than a year as an AD in AR company and now for a good 5 years I have worked via my own company (Erika Reponen Art) making for example game graphics, brand graphics, UI and UX. I don’t actually create 3D graphics myself (I’ve done that a bit and to a certain extent I’m able to use 3D applications too, but I’m not really an expert in it technically) but I design and create concepts very fluently and with pleasure also for 3D environments. For example, I have done a lot of AR, both for research and in practice.

I‘m interested in projects from small to large scale, be it an individual illustration or a concept for a large project, or anything in between. Would be lovely to hear from you!

Contact name:
Erika Reponen